Buy Your Own Barrel

Like something you tried on the tour or just interested in the sheer cool factor of owning your own vat of whiskey? Consider purchasing a barrel. Averaging an output of 250 750ml bottles, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Whether you’re a small company that loves to treat employees and clients, a close group of friends who want to share something unique (and delicious), or just want to stock up in preparation for the doomsday, buying your own barrel may be just the ticket.

Keep in mind

Prices vary widely based on the distillery and whiskey

Total output depends on how long it’s aged, where it’s aged, and other factors.

A group purchase is best experienced with 10 or fewer people (5 is better).

Participants usually get a behind-the-scenes tour of the distillery and a private tasting to select the barrel.

You get to keep the empty barrel if you so choose.

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